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Old School Runescape closes Bounty Hunter worlds

8.4.2021 9:40:08
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Old School Runescape closes Bounty Hunter worlds

Old School Runescape developer Jagex has decided to close the MMORPG name's Bounty Hunter worlds"until further notice" because of RS gold concerns about gold farmers abusing them. After an early statement letting players understand that the worlds would shut down, the developers have gone into further detail in their strategies to revamp PvP. "It is time to create a change," Jagex says in the announcement. Our goal is to ascertain a long-term eyesight for PvP. Rather than move from 1 release to the next, we need a clear direction for the upcoming few years that will inform how we style content moving forward."

Plans to revamp PvP will begin taking place in February, and these ideas will be presented to the community. "We also expect to re-release Bounty Hunter in a couple of months, provided we can establish a way to consistently track and act against boosting." In the meantime, the minigame's unique things"will be made available elsewhere." The studio originally educated players of the player-killing minigame's closed in an update post on the game's site, saying it is"sorry to announce that we've chosen the decision to shut the Bounty Hunter worlds until further notice". The main reason for this, Jagex describes, is the mode's"design unfortunately leaves it prey to gold farmers, who misuse its mechanisms to create GP in excess of those numbers available via legitimate procedures."

While it seems the scope of the gold farming hasn't yet reached a place where it is impacting Old School Runescape's in-game economy, the studio explains it"undermines other game content and the overall integrity of this game." On account of the issues existing prior to a rework of Bounty Hunter in November 2019, the devs"do not believe that simply undoing it would solve them", adding that"this is quite clearly not the outcome that any of us wanted, but right now we're convinced it's the best alternative available to us." Firstly, you will wish to be making certain you are making the most of your skills, particularly your combat abilities. Thankfully, there are ways that you level up your battle in a sensible time. To start off buy OSRS gold with, you're going to need to hit level 10 as your first significant benchmark. You can accomplish this, using chickens at the farmhouse near Lumbridge. Since these are the early stages of levelling up, you'll notice that it moves up rather fast, plus you can use the feathers and uncooked chicken that are lost by cows to help you better your cooking ability. This should help you hit level 10, after that you'll be able to go on to the Lumbridge Swamp to take on the Gaint Rights found near the graveyard.


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