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silverlight content not loading -- fixed

12. 4. 2018 11:22:22
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silverlight content not loading -- fixed



One of our external partners has a page that has content in a Silverlight app. For a long time, we've had no issues, regardless of Silverlight version or browser. Recently this broke and we now see a white box of the same dimensions as the where the Silverlight content used to be.Initially, we thought this was something that the external partner had messed up. But now we think it has to do with internet connection filtering. You can take any machine, any browser, any OS, connect to our company internet and get this error. However, take one of our laptops to a different connection, home, coffee shop, whatever ... and we have no problem.I work for a large company and IT is split amongst a bunch of teams. Even though they block 50 metric shitloads of sites, the net ops people swear up and down, cross their hears and hope to die they aren't blocking anything related to this external partner. I know they're blocking something, but I'm not sure what. Net ops tells me to fuck off unless I can prove whats going on. Hurray for IT unity! I've had the partner's domain whitelisted. I looked at the source for the partners page and see this SL content is coming from a different domain and I've requested that one be whitelisted as well.Any thoughts here? Can I load this SL app into a debugger of some kind without having source code for it? Unsure where to go from here. Maybe a packet sniffer?


Please help.

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