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issue with an online application that uses javascript.

31. 7. 2018 11:48:10
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issue with an online application that uses javascript.


So I have an issue with an online application that uses javascript. The website basically is an auction site with live audio/video, and when you click on a link, it takes you to details on the item. The link worked fine for a long time, but one day, the window started getting stuck on "loading", and in the bottom corner, the error is "access denied". There is another computer that runs the site just fine, and the link opens properly. I first suspected that it was because the non functioning computer was on a different version of java, and had been upgraded to IE 8 (the site requires IE). I downgraded to IE7, and even installed the same version of java as the other computer, and it still doesn't work.

Any ideas about this "access denied" issue. It is definitely not a login issue, it is something with the loading it seems.

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

Animate Graphic

Thank you.


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