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Symbols font on Windows 8.1

9.3.2018 14:45:32
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Symbols font on Windows 8.1



I am having an issue with OO formulas when using OO in Windows 8.1. It seems that Windows 8.1 introduced some changes on fonts and formulas are shown different as they are supposed to while using OO. That happens in every product of OO and it is specially annoying on OO Impress because a slide show presentation shows these formulas improperly. It is important to notice that when I use built-in Export as Pdf, the *.pdf file created doesn't have this error and shows formulas as Windows 7. It also occurs when opening files (on Windows 8.1) created with OO 4.0.1 on Windows 7.
I already filed a bug report, (Bug 124203) with no luck! I attached a view of what I mean with that bug.
I'd appreciate any answer anyone can give me.

please help

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