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Shop Nike Air Max 97 on Cadysneakers

22.4.2019 15:50:30
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Shop Nike Air Max 97 on Cadysneakers

The NBA Boston Celtics star Jayson Tatum opened the "Rabbit" mode in the playoffs to help the team win in succession. Recently, a special version of the Nike Air Max 97 for Tatum was first exposed. Inspired by his high school Chaminade College Preparatory School, the shoes are dressed in black and red, and the shoes are decorated with basketball and campus elements. The tongue has a Tatum signature and his nickname “The Deuce”, which is very personal.

Men Air Shoes With the new wave of Supreme and Nike, another retro running shoe Nike Air Max Tailwind 4 has returned to everyone's vision, and a variety of regular color combinations have also appeared. Recently, there has been a new cosmopolitan color scheme officially released. The gradation of fluorescent green to lake green is the main color, with traditional white and black, the overall shape is still quite retro. The rest of the body is decorated with fluorescent green, lake green and pink, which makes the Fengshang index upgrade again.

2019 Sneakers Release,As early as the beginning of the year, NIGO created the trend brand Human Made in 2011, and together with adidas to create a new joint name for Solar Hu Glide! Pharrell personally performed the white and red dress, and the other white and blue color was taken by NIGO himself on Instagram. Pure white shoes, with the iconic Heart Made logo, the blue dress is very suitable for the spring and summer vitality, the street recognition is super high, it is definitely the kind of unforgettable type,  Said very much looking forward to. The foot feel is equipped with a Boost outsole that runs through the sole of the foot, and naturally it is trustworthy!


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