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Restaurants in the East Bay are struggling to keep up

25.11.2020 3:39:53
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Restaurants in the East Bay are struggling to keep up

[url=https://www.z2u.com/eastbay/gift-card-10-11612][b]Eastbay Coupons Code[/b][/url] Restaurants in the East Bay are struggling to keep up and comply with COVID rules and what makes it even more difficult is that those rules keep changing.Restaurants have had to pivot and secure outside dining tents and Alameda County health officials want those outside tents to only have one wall to ensure circulation to help stop the spread of the virus.“No forced air no more than one wall protecting the space. Social distancing inside and other requirements that make the space itself safe,” said Adam Van de Water the Livermore director of innovation and economic development.

[url=https://www.z2u.com/eastbay/gift-card-10-11612][b]Eastbay Promo Codes[/b][/url] Police and sheriff’s deputies throughout the East Bay were continuing their search Friday for suspects following two nights of looting by roving bands of heavily armed young adults at drugstores shoe stores electronics stores and marijuana facilities that left one suspect dead and three Oakland police and two security guards injured.The groups of thieves were part of what interim Oakland Police Chief Susan Manheimer called a “roving caravan of robbers and looters” that has already resulted in 25 arrests.

David E. Talbert is uninterested in taking cinematic chestnuts such as "A Christmas Carol" and exchanging white characters for Black ones and just calling it a holiday.The director and writer of Netflix's smash musical "Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey" intended from the get-go to whip up a bona-fide original a Broadwayesque showstopper hoofing to become an annual tradition for underrepresented Black families as well as for all families.


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