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PSO2:NGS Additional Information

18.9.2020 3:49:37
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PSO2:NGS Additional Information

The same applies to Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta collaborations like the Final Fantasy XIV collaboration with Odin (which still exists as far as I know) where I don't know how much of Square Enix is involved that for Sega to have the ability to upgrade assets . If it was only just Phantasy Star-related things (such as character outfits, cameos from other games, or alternative Sega-related properties) I could envision this probably would have been done, or would be done. But from the worldwide variant we already don't have the existence of Cougar NX so I do not know if there are other issues seeing Sega's own properties that might also contribute not updating everything they can within reason.

I can imagine that likely out there we'll still see somebody wearing those old collaboration items even when they are not awakened to the very same criteria as new makeup in a similar way and that there definitely would have been outrage if it was made obsolete or unusable. Collabs who have had their cosmetics removed nevertheless have their assets exist on the game so those will likely still be available for jp players.

Only improvements we will likely see is the brand new engine enhancing shadows, shadows, colors, particle effects and casting them from the outfits. You can have a look how just applying better shadows and colors can improve old equipment by checking ReShade screenshots. Collabs who have experienced their makeup removed still have their assets exist on the sport so those will likely still be accessible for jp players. Only improvements we'll likely see is the new engine improving shadows, shadows, colors, particle effects and casting them against the drapes. You may have a look how exactly implementing better shadows and colours can improve old equipment by checking ReShade screenshots.

WOW they will coexist in the exact same match and you'll be able to move between the two with a sort of cube platform? I actually LOVE that. Plus it looks like they got more specific about what exactly fashion wise carries over! Inb4 PSO2 set up is 140 GBs. Two games in one! That. Complete. Madmen. They almost connected and crammed two distinct MMOs in 1 client. I thought they just place them in the same launcher but in precisely the same CLIENT!? Yeah, so its going to be a single game, not two distinct games? Log in, and then choose your"boat" to go between PSO2 or NGS.

Neat idea. Its an interesting method of creating a new sport, while not getting the issue of"lacking material" by incorporating on all of the PSO2 stuff. I truly thought this was made clear in the trailer lol. They also cleverly avoided the problem on cooperation and Voice licenses with this move since it is essentially the exact same game so all collab items continue to be valid. Mad lads SEGA pulling off one of buy PSO2 Meseta the greatest expansion without leaving the old sport in the same client lol.


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