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I can officially say no matter what EA does to Madden 21

8.8.2020 8:25:31
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I can officially say no matter what EA does to Madden 21

Why not take a break for a year, launch a roster and name update in August instead of a game? Then they could take that opportunity to Mut 21 coinswork on an entire overhaul. They rather recycle and reuse the same things every year with only marginal improvements. Changing the mechanics of Madden 21 should not be THE attribute. You don't play COD and say"wow jump over walls is so much easier this season". Most people focus on the brand new weapons or sport modes they took the time. Sure, gameplay and mechanics updates are welcome (and honestly expected) but they are never the marketing point. New features must be NEW FEATURES- such as custom playbooks from MUT, create a drama, overhaul of Franchise mode, or some number of suggestions individuals from this community have created. Frankly, as far as I love Madden it's becoming repetitive and somewhat stale.

I played on the internet and I'm questioning whether I wish to receive 21. Offense seems impossible to stop both sides and Lamar is the worst player. I am sure a lot will change however, it wasn't the most enjoyable experience lol. Offense does look over powered. I'm usually an okay offensive player but I've just been scoring at will. Passing game is super simple since users looked nerfed but I'm happy with the change of pace so far to be fair. Honestly, I got the beta, downloaded and played for approx 10 minutes. Deleted. There could be something brand new with getting bc 3 passes in a row, the ball bounced off my receivers without them responding in any way.

Following 5 years of MUT, I can officially say no matter what EA does to Madden 21, I'm out. Wish I'd have given the code away. In defense, Madden 21 isn't finished yet. Then again, it's a football match so WRs must catch the ball. Yeah it's a beta I get it - but they called it quits back maybe March to find this beta prepared. Kinda the final straw. I bought mlb 20 per week ago and hope that it's hard for me to come back to something where the neighborhood is pretty much abused and laughed at. Plus the community generally is completely poisonous. Like every twitter post ea makes there is not a single positive comment and a few are downright wrong. But again, there is a reason why it's like this.

Madden, can we get back to stuff like this?

Madden is the only game I have played in which you gain more features as you go backward. I made a post a while ago about what if iNFLuence retirement. Some gamers may decide it's not worth coming back in the event the teams record has buy Madden nfl 21 coins been bad that the season before, or possibly a team is in reconstruct phase. Scenario engine has a lot to offer, however conditional statements need to get enhanced/updated.


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