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I believe their downfall is that their their reliability on the community such as direction

8.8.2020 8:27:04
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I believe their downfall is that their their reliability on the community such as direction

I believe their downfall is that their their reliability on the community such as direction. I would like them to be more confident in their own desicions. They need to build PoCs on a PBE and equilibrium with the feedback generated from such tests if they're not convinced enough to make these modifications. New skill? Add a version into the RS goldPBE and let the community help out with finding the balance that is right. New boss? Balance the table, same thing, equilibrium the XP prices. Content with loot tables/xp rates that are new? Smack on that on the PBE. I'd invest in these kind of tools to the longevity of RuneScape. Without it we will never see skills, because we can't test them, and we will never have the type of talks as a community about changes.

A good deal of what I think has made OSRS so long is the amount of room they have available to create updates. By way of example, you look at the desert and half an hour of it is basically missing. Morytania is only now being filled out and whether there exists empty space on the original continent, they can always make more room. So long as they maintain the validity of the mill in equilibrium with the fun/rewarding portion of RuneScape, I really don't see how this MMO could falter. The late match power-creep is kind of linear but it doesn't take away from the grind of spending tens of thousands of hours maxing your accounts, finishing all the quests, and going via other'superfluous'content that fills our experience out of RuneScape and RuneScape world, (think castle wars, and pest control, barbarian assault, and also in the past things like stealing tears and creation of guthix).

To the friends I made and dropped on osrs

Osrs at a good year and I haven't played. However I got a notification regarding the year anniversary of my own osrs homies today in my notebook. Man that purchased back some good times. The nostalgia component was what first purchased me around early 2018 into osrs. I remember attacking cows at Lumbridge for hours grinding xp and walking round the f2p map just bringing memories back. It was in the Grand Exchange at which the friend Ian and I met. Ian was performing a giveaway and I was able to acquire some thing which I was thankful for. Ian and I have talking about stuff which kicked off the friendship. From there we'd meet nearly everyday in the GE and only talk, I ceased grinding xp and just began to adopt the social aspect.

Our buddy circle grew as Abbie, Kat and Omar united and started to participate in our discussions. Though we lived in various countries, we managed to meet almost day at a time that was convenient to all. Again thoughwe were from different backgrounds, we always found some in common to chat about whether it'd be politics, music or something else. This lasted for around 6 weeks before everyone started going different ways. Abbie was going through some personal stuff which she confided with us. We offered her advice about the best way to manage those issues which she was grateful for. However one day she stopped in logging and ceased meeting. I hope she is OK as she had to deal with a lot of cheap RuneScape gold stuff.


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