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I Would like my money back for last year or make 2k21 free

18.9.2020 3:47:06
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I Would like my money back for last year or make 2k21 free

Good luck getting your money back. . .2K got it aside from a nicely planned out suit, you are not getting Nba 2k21 Mt backagain. Yea only difference back then everyone was not paying attention on social websites now folks are. Yellow/Green SF build is fairly legit. Called 3 level scorer but >20 playmaking badges and scoring in the rim fine on open layups with the playmaking badges and slippery off ball. 5 defensive badges also. It says copying game adhered at 37%. How do I get it .

Any construct similar to play glass which can shoot? Can you shoot max arms? Can there be a gap in the physical shooting facet between combination and max or is it entirely just evaluations change? How many points do you need to get contact dunks in NBA2k21? Because it was nerfed. People are actually going to buy this still? 2K is never going to take their fan base badly if people don't stop burning money on their half baked goods. I mean, I've bought the game for the previous 4 years in a row and there is no way I am spending over 20 dollars on this.

Unfortunately if you're a basketball fan. This is the only thing worth it. They got our balls in a vice and they know they can get away with it before somebody makes a better basketball game. Yea. I mean, there is no competition. But that doesn't mean we need to purchase 2021 when 2020 is exactly the same thing, minus a broken shooter stick that most folks will ignore even with. For me personally, I adore mycareer. However, I have not even seen anything about my livelihood. Yeah I understand. And it kills me that they're trying to push a $70 label for more perspiration. I keep telling myself to not buy it because I know it's going to be the same park and everything. So my livelihood is the only place I hope they don't screw up.

For sure, 100% agree. Should they have a fantastic mycareer that would be the only way I choose it up. I don't know why folks that think like us are being downvoted. There are a ton of people saying exactly the same thing. I am only trying to comprehend what people are visiting that are eager for the match. I am struggling to know any hype.

I am rather disappointed by this demoI don't even know where to start. Everyone had me prepared for a"copy/paste" of the past year's game which would have been enough to keep me happy until next gen. But this? This is a massive step backward. Do I love the new aiming method of shooting? It is not my favourite but I could learn to get better at it or just revert with the button. Can it be the brand new shot meter bugging me? I prefer the old one, but I could get used to buy mt nba 2k21.


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