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Hair color trend 2020: platinum blonde

26.2.2020 5:05:17
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Hair color trend 2020: platinum blonde

Geplaatst op: 26 Februari 2020 tijd: 05:04 | Citeer bebelisa12

In 2020, in addition to pastel colors with shimmering blonde accents, platinum blonde continues to be one of the most popular trend hair colors. The striking color conjures up an elven-like glueless lace wigs uk beauty look and catches the eye. Platinum blonde or also known as ice blonde looks particularly exciting with a light complexion, but medium skin types can also wear the hair color without any problems.

Incidentally, the nuance seems to be very popular, especially among influencers. The biggest advocates include Caro Daur and Xenia Adonts. The disadvantage: bleached hair and pastel shades need extra care! Heat protection during styling, regular treatments and a visit to the hairdresser every 6-8 weeks is therefore essential.

Hair colors trend 2020: hazelnut
The hair color brown shines in an even more exciting shade this year: hazelnut brown! Fine caramel highlights underline the look, which is particularly suitable for autumn and winter and is also perfect for all skin types. For the summer, we recommend lighter shades of brown in the form of streaks in the hair, which are placed around the face and look as if they had been naturally bleached by the sun. Special gloss shampoos ensure extra shine! Editor's tip: Even a glossing and a new, groovy haircut by the hairdresser can work wonders and give the hair color an extra freshness kick.
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