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Big Sale:Up to 7% off gold runescape on RSorder for Chickaxe & special Easter Armour Till Apr.26

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Big Sale:Up to 7% off gold runescape on RSorder for Chickaxe & special Easter Armour Till Apr.26

I like the idea of bricks and minifigs but the prices are ridiculous. If anyone knows of bricklink they can get rs gold better deals. To me bricks and minifigs are like the GameStop of Lego, mainly targeting those who don't mind used Lego but don't know better about pricing.That being said it's a nice place for people to visit and buy sets if they don't mind slightly inflated prices or do not wish to purchase. And it can be a good experience for kids, especially with all the minifigures and the bag of parts table.

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Its about knowing prior to game start vs after 2 teamfights. In a game all about ult economy being forced to shuffle player halfway through a match can easily be the deciding factor in a win or loss. Depriving people of the tools needed to prevent said horse shit is counter productive to actual competitive play.

Look i get it, feelings are important and everyone should be protected from evil tryhards. But maybe if you aren willing to wear you track record you shouldn be allowed into comp Q?KilltroxNew York Excelsior Florida MayhemI a DPS (Soldier, Pharah) and Roadhog/Dva main. 99% of the time, my team will do better if I am playing one of those roles.

I started flexing to help with team comp. I ended up with a lot of time on Rein, Orisa, and Zen, purely because I was being a team player and trying to provide role balance to my team.People would see my profile and expect me to play a barrier tank or Zen, even though I average with them at best.

I don main main tank or Zen, but was often asked to swap to it because my time played had grown. That shit is annoying.7.5 for me since I live in goddamn Florida, where we haven had a BTBAM show since their Colors tour. 10/19/2017. I honestly don understand tour managers sometimes.guessing the issue is that the last time they came to Florida, they had 4 dates to make it "worth it," but I think those were some of the only dates to not sell out.

Lets do honest here, if you already have access to teci you wouldnt mind. You also didnt provide a real explanation why it was a bad decision other than its "bad". Great job being a hypocrite.Pvming speaking, pet tanking at bm literally have zero mechanics you literally just voke and prayer protect. I would be more impressed if you can base tanking or backup tank. You also dont do yaka which is my favourite boss in rs3 personally. If you have no problem with teci then there is zero reason to complain. Your whole argument is based on the fact that starting out raids is difficult to get into. Stop lying to yourself because you obviously have a problem with finding a team. Honestly if you really want people to be on your side, why not suggest a content you think they should put the enchantment instead?

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