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Zappos better serve the disabled community

16.9.2020 4:18:39
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Zappos better serve the disabled community

Zappos Gift Cards Zumbo shares why it's critical that Zappos better serve the disabled community  how the retailer is partnering with other brands that offer adaptive clothing and discusses the launch of Zappos' Single and Different Size Shoes Test Program. Zumbo details how Zappos Adaptive's first-of-its-kind program allows customers of all abilities the opportunity to purchase a single shoe or shoes of different sizes the customer demand that the online retailer has experienced since launching the program and how the company is measuring the program's success. Lastly she shares Zappos' process for fulfilling single or different shoe size orders as well as the company's marketing efforts around the initiative.

Sell Zappos Gift Cards“I’m reaching out to share that Tony has decided to retire as CEO of Zappos. We want to thank Tony for his 20 years of work on behalf of Zappos customers and employees and wish him well in his next chapter,” Deshpande wrote in the email. “Effective today I will be assuming the role of CEO and will be working to make this a seamless transition. As always we are focused on wowing customers and the 10 core values that drive us every day.”

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — The giant online shoe and clothing retailer Zappos is denying rumors that the company is laying off employees.On Aug. 24 it was announced that Tony Hsieh one of the founders of the company and CEO had been replaced by Chief Operating Officer Kedar Deshpande.It was announced that same day that Zappos lost one of its biggest names — Nike.


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