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RSorder special promo: 60% off cheap rs gold for members on July.12

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RSorder special promo: 60% off cheap rs gold for members on July.12

Teamwork is always OP, assuming it not a hillbilly I think its unavoidable that the person hooked gets rs gold saved if all 3 are participating in some way. Firecrackers also help, drop some near the hook and just save killer chooses between being blinded and hitting you (which lets a nearby teammate save) or sparing their retinas and allowing a hook save..

Say you used to have say, 90% accuracy at something. This would have meant that you would splash 10% of the time. Turns out it just T1 of any meta achievement. So with something like T1 minigames or T1 lore you will have the same stats as someone who has T3 in everything.

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It's just a white paper filled with a bunch of buzzwords. Then there's Dentacoin, the $1 billion "blockchain concept designed for the Global Dental Industry." (It's a digital currency you can use at the dentist.) Why anybody would want money you can only spend in one place instead of dollars you can spend everywhere is apparently a questionwith which they and their investors didn't concern themselves.


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